Terms of Service

1. General provisions

1.1. Terms of Service

These Terms of Service set out the terms and conditions of sale of goods offered by ONYXPRO GmbH (“Company”) on this online shop www.onyxpro.com (the “Online Shop”).

1.2. Operator of the Online Shop

ONYXPRO GmbH is producing and trading products mainly used to improve health.

The operator of the Online Shop is

OnyxPro GmbH

Doeltschihalde 45,

8055 Zurich


Telefax: +41796750909

E-mail: info@onyxpro.com

VAT Nr.: CHE-102.439.933

Company Register Nr.: CH-020.4.900.043-5

Management Board:

Elina Vezuka

Christian Dratva

1.3. Contacts details

You may contact us

by chat function on the homepage: www.onyxpro.com (from 09:00 to 16:00 GMT)

by email: info@onyxpro.com

by post: OnyxPro GmbH. Doeltschihalde 45, 8055 Zurich, Switzerland

2. Privacy policy

2.1. General information

2.1.1. All personal data is fundamentally treated in the strictest of confidence. Your personal data is used to enable the optimum processing of the order, to deliver the goods and to handle payments.

2.2. Collecting personal information

2.2.1. Certain information we process is collected automatically when you visit our website.

2.2.2. Personal information is received when you provide us with it in course of making purchases in the Online Shop.

2.3. Data storage

2.3.1. For the purpose of processing payments the necessary data is stored on highly secure server in Netherlands of the company A2 Hosting with SSL Certification security.

2.4. Use of personal information

2.4.1. We use your personal information when processing your offer.

2.4.2. We may not use your personal information for advertising purposes unless you allow us to do so.

2.4.3. We may pass some of your personal data if it is necessary to process your payment and delivery, if we are required to do so under law, in order to check your credit worthiness or due to technical reason to insure operation of the Online Shop (web hosting provider etc.).

2.5. Cookies

2.5.1. We use cookies in the Online Shop to make it more user-friendly. Cookies are small files stored on your computer that may contain information about your surfing habits.

2.5.2. At any time you may delete cookies stored on your computer.

2.6. Consent

2.6.1. By using the Online Shop you give us an expressed consent to process your data as described in these Terms of Service and in any other way that is reasonably needed for processing your order.

2.6.2. Should you disagree with anything written in these Terms of Service you should stop using the Online Shop immediately.

3. Intellectual property

3.1. All brand names, logo, product names and titles used on the Online Shop website are intellectual property – trademarks or tradenames or are subject to copyright of the Company or third parties. All other information and data (including text, images and program files) on the Online Shop website is intellectual property (copyright or any other intellectual property) of the Company or third parties.

3.2. You have no right to use (copy, alter, translate or use in any other way) any part of these trademarks, logos, tradenames, other information or data. Should you wish to do anything such you should first contact us and ask for our consent and only after you have received our consent from us you can use that trademark, logo, tradename, information or data. We may not give you such consent and may not explain our reasons for doing so.

4. Liability

4.1. Limitation of liability

4.1.1. In no event shall the total liability of the Company to you for all damages, losses, and claims exceed the amount paid by you to the Company for particular goods purchased. In no event directors, employees, affiliates or other representatives of the Company shall be liable to you.

4.2. Company do not take any responsibility for any events, diseases, which could possibly occur based on the gene weaknesses of humans or irresponsibility against the health, as we are not able to control this kind of influences. Our products are protecting from electromagnetic radiation and enhancing and supporting a healthy life style and decreasing massively the negative electromagnetic radiation effects in the part of the protection product where the protection function is indicated.

Please be aware, that an underwear or a jacket without hoody is not protecting the head and brain, because radiation waves are following the rules of wave physics. 

4.3 Circumstances beyond our control

4.3.1. Although we will do our best to process your order as fast as we can there could be circumstances that can affect our performance that are beyond our control (civil unrest, war, nature disaster etc.). If anything such occurs we will not be liable for any failure to perform that is result or is in anyway related to such circumstances.

5. Applicable law

5.1. The Company and the Online Shop operate under Swiss law.

6. Dispute resolution

6.1. Should you are in any way dissatisfied with our services we welcome you to submit your claim to us using the contacts above. We will strive to review it as soon as possible and provide you a prompt answer.

6.2. Swiss courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute from the operation of the Online Shop.

7. Changes to these Terms of Service

7.1. From time to time we may change these Terms of Service. We will publish the revised Terms of Service on the Online Shop website.

7.2. When making orders you are advised to read the present version of the Terms of Service.

7.3. These Terms of Service were last modified on 16 September 2015.